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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

I have found that when I am traveling over 1000 miles to go to something, it is a good thing to make a list of priorities prior to getting there.  If I just show up some place without some sort of plan I tend to go nuts (I know, what’s new?) and don’t end up with anything that I wanted to get out of the experience.  The pupils become dilated the head starts turning with a speed that seems unnatural.  And all ideas that I had sort of go out the door.  Actually, they usually go screaming out the window like a brawler getting thrown through a barroom window.  Though, my plans tend to be even more inebriated than the guy getting tossed by this time.  The excitement from being and hearing and seeing and (sometimes) smelling tends to be a little intoxicating.  So, my list:  

1.) Will not spend more money than have.  I know that it seems like such an archaic idea given that banks and governments and such seem to have absolutely no idea how to do this, but I am going to try to stay within my budget.  However, the budget is pretty nice since I AM traveling over 1000 miles to do this.  I mean, if I am making this big of a carbon footprint I had better damn well help the economy.  

2.) Will not get drunk and diss and/or start fights with knitters at the Ravelry party.  This one shouldn’t be too much of a problem since people think that I am on roofies when I’m drunk I get so affectionate.  I have hugged the entire population of a large sports bar during a basketball in which I was wearing the colors of the opposing team.  What can I say, I get friendly….

3.) Will try not to run around screaming, “Ooo! Ooo! Look at that! Ooo! Look at THAT! Ooo!”.  This one might be hard….

4.) Will not roll naked in the Alpaca yarn and/or on the poor alpaca.  That just wouldn’t be nice to the alpacas.

5.) Will try to actually take pictures.  I think that this may work out better than trying to plug the computer into my ears in order to upload the images in my brain.  I want to share this with all my friends in the best way that I can without a whole Hooker’s road-trip.  However, I do need to find a cable or something in order to transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer while I am on the road.  Need to talk to tech support about that.

6.) Will not bring home a sheep.  Too many in the bed as is, it is only a full.  If another furry/fuzzy creature ended-up there my husband (categorized as one of the fuzzy/furry creatures [his best imitation is of Cousin It from the Munsters]) would have to sleep on the couch.  Not the best thing for marital relations….

7.)  Will not buy more yarn than can pack.  Shipping is such a bitch.

8.) Will try to not freak the Muggle in-laws out.  They already know that I am a “special” one since I married their son.  I’m just glad that they have sold their house already.  They were on pins and needles there for a few months, having to have the house insanely stupidly perfect clean and tidy. They would actually take the dogs and leave when people wanted to see it.  Doh.  Am so glad that I’m not trying to sell MY house right now:-)

9.) Try to sweet talk someone into teaching/showing me how to spin with a drop spindle.  I tried to sign-up for the workshop, but it was already filled.  I know that there is going to be about a month there where I will not have my spinning wheel and I think a drop spindle would be slightly easier to put in a suitcase.  I just want someone to show me quickly how to do it.  We’ll see on this one….  


So, the countdown?  I leave on Thursday, it is Sunday (for a few more hours yet).  I am so excited that I am quivering whenever I think about it too much (ya think I might have a bit of a problem?).  So, I will try to take a picture of the Rhinebeck shawl tomorrow (I just forgot, a nap took presedence today!) and well, clean the house (as well as go to work, you know, $ for wool…).

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