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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

So, I thought that I would recap my goals and see how well I did with them….


1.) Will not spend more money than have.  Did ok on this one.  I worked pretty much as a cash only thing so I couldn’t spend more than I had.

2.) Will not get drunk and diss and/or start fights with knitters at the Ravelry party.  I ended-up not drinking at all and finding a very nice mother/daughter team that both knit and crocheted to talk to.  So, no fights started (I might have ruined my hybrid mittens!).

3.) Will try not to run around screaming, “Ooo! Ooo! Look at that! Ooo! Look at THAT! Ooo!”. Utterly failed here.

4.) Will not roll naked in the Alpaca yarn and/or on the poor alpaca.  Too damn cold.  Still, wanted to pack one of the cute alpacas in my suitcase.

5.) Will try to actually take pictures.  I think that I did pretty good for me.

6.) Will not bring home a sheep. So, no sheep but 3 fleeces?  This one will have to be called by the judges….

7.)  Will not buy more yarn than can pack.  Didn’t buy ANY yarn, just fibers, so a resounding success on this one!

8.) Will try to not freak the Muggle in-laws out.  Ok, not so good on this one.  When their dogs were trying to marry my suitcases and break into the guest bedroom, I think that it freaked them out a little.

9.) Try to sweet talk someone into teaching/showing me how to spin with a drop spindle.  Ok, so I got to see lots of people and listen to lots of demonstrations on how this was done, so I think that I get it.  At least the concept of it…



I also realized that I forgot to post a picture of the fun bumper stickers that I got while I was up there.


Good for freaking out the muggles

Good for freaking out the muggles

From top to bottom: Fiberho, Flock on!, My Other Vehicle is a Spinning Wheel, The Surgeon General has determined that fiber is good for your health…Got Yarn?, Make Gloves Not War, and Agriculture Keeps New Jersey Green.

One of the things that I forgot to write about was that on day one I literally bumped into the Yarn Harlot while walking around looking at yarns.  It was hard not to bump into people, it was ass to elbow pretty much everywhere that day.  Anyway, she bumped into me with my back turned and said excuse me and I recognized her from her voice!  (That’s what you get for making an audio book I think!)  I turn around and there she is talking about how she always gets the same color (so true) to Juno.  I had to quickly walk away so that I could start laughing like a maniac.  I mean, I got to see her in her natural environment!  I’m sure that she didn’t hear the hysterical laughing or she would have had security called on me at the book signing.

So now I am back to normal life.  Cleaning-out the cat litters, doing laundry and buying groceries before the next round of flights (once again to O’Hell airport).  Luckily the flights are both non-stops, so hopefully it will be pretty straight forward.  This is for (hopefully) the last wedding of the year.  If anyone else wants to get married, they just need to wait until, oh, I don’t know…….June.

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