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So, I am finally able to show you a picture of one of the super secret projects that I have been working on for a while.

Blanket on Cal King bed

Blanket on Cal King bed


This is on a Cal. King sized bed.  It is about 100″X100″.  It made me really hot working on it towards the end (imagine, having that ENTIRE THING on your lap.  In July.  In Florida.).  I made it for my friend Cesar’s 50th birthday.  We celebrated last night (even though his actual birthday was over the weekend) with dinner and presents.  He also got a beautiful Arts and Crafts rocking chair from his wife Pam.  So we were joking that he was set now that he had his blanket and his rocking chair.

An "old man" with his rocker and blanket

An "old man" with his rocker and blanket


It was a fun night and it was good to see everybody that was there again.  

Last night Tech Support started off a conversation with, “You will never believe what I found in the grocery store here.”  I should, perhaps explain, that the Hubby is currently in Sweden for work, so that start to a conversation could lead in a lot of different directions.  So I made a few guesses and of course I didn’t guess correctly.  So finally he spills.  He found YARN in the grocery store.  Yep, YARN.  I think that I want to move to Sweden.  I told him that he had to get a picture of this and last night he obliged.


Yarn in the Swedish Grocery Store

Yarn in the Swedish Grocery Store

It looks as though the bread section is just down the aisle from it.  How cool is that?  I got very excited over the though of being able to buy your groceries and your yarn in the same store.  This is why the Swedes are the bomb.  Seriously. 

When I got back from the wool spectacular in New York, I had a lot of mail waiting for me at my little post office.  One of the items was a clear cover for my Macbook (Finally!).  I also got some Wedgewood china that I bought on ebay a little bit before I left.  Let me explain.  Wedgewood had a pattern from 1997 until around 2002 I think called Sarah’s Garden.  Hello!  I am Sarah and I am a horticulturalist.  PERFECT!  Of course, it was discontinued before I got married, but I already had some pieces and I got a few from the wedding and I have been hunting it on ebay ever since.  Well, it’s been a good hunting season!

I got a lasagna pan.

A set of nesting serving bowls

and 8 of these bread and butter plates from 2 different sellers.

I am guessing that somebody got divorced as there was a pretty complete set up for auction and because of that the prices stayed pretty low.

Now I am preparing mentally and packingly for the next trip tomorrow.  It feels as though I just got home!

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