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I have nearly finished the baby burrito.  Today I bit the bullet and decided to get out the sewing machine and sew in the lining.  Yesterday I went to Jo-Ann’s and found the perfect flannel to match this.  It has puppies on it in sort of a patchwork look with the same green and brown as the burrito.

Here is the outside of the burrito taken a couple of days ago.


This is the inside of it, without the pouch/pocket folded up.


And this is roughly what it will look like when it is all done and I have crocheted the pouch/pocket sides up.


You can see that I sewed in a bunch of ribbon “tags”.  I found out that babies like to, well, fondle tags.  So, I gave him to grab on to.

I don’t think that I broke the machine. It seems to be still working ok.  I may even try this sewing thing again.  Especially given how cheap the fabric was!  It was $2.99 a yard!  Totally worth it I think.  I can run it now and I ordered a fabric stripper from Hershner’s so I will be making braided rag rugs for the new house in the UK very soon from all of the old clothes that I have stored in the storage unit for this purpose.  Should be interesting:-)

I will send off the burrito after I take it in to crochet group tomorrow night.

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