Sarah Jane Humke

The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

Today I mailed off the burrito.  I wanted to get it off as quickly as possible since it is already getting pretty cold up in the great white North.  

Here is a picture that I took of the totally completed burrito.


Here is another picture with a corner folded over to kind of get an idea of the whole thing.


I also finished a scrapghan small child’s blanket.  I just started working on it one night because I didn’t want to start another big project.  It will go to someone who I really hope doesn’t read this blog.  Actually, his daughter.  Anyway, it took a few weeks.


I put one of my shoes in the picture to give you an idea of size.  They are size 39 (or around a 9 American sizing).  I tried to make it a little brighter and colorful than the typical scrapghan I make.  

Last night was my Happy Hookers night.  I once again forgot to take pictures of the fun.  Really, it is just a bunch of us sitting around hooking which is not the most compelling photographic event.  Well, hooking and laughing, a lot.  We are a pretty rowdy bunch and I am always amazed at how really quiet the rest of the bakery usually is.  

Tomorrow is the Seminole Springs Herb Festival.  I have helped-out with it for several years now and have been joined by the hubby whenever he is around for it.  Alas, he will not be around for this one.  He is in London recovering from a rather large party held at his favorite bar, Green and Red.

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