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I am considering doing something totally insane. 


I mean REALLY crazy.


Like lock you up in a padded room nuts.  Only in my case, it would be padded with yarn….


I am considering cataloging my entire stash.

I have done something like this before.  I cataloged my entire book collection, all 3087 (at last count) of them.  So it isn’t without precedence.  But cataloging my yarn would be, in many ways, much, much more difficult.  For starters, a lot of it is label-less. A lot of it is old (think 1950’s and 1960’s).  I would need a fair amount of space to do it for photography reasons.  

However, I do have a couple of fairly compelling reasons to want to do this.

1.) I am moving.  There is a (very, very small) risk that the container could go overboard or something similarly bad could happen to it.  I want a list of my yarns for insurance reasons.  (Stop laughing, have you seen what vintage Caron Dazzle Aire is going for these days?)

2.)  I could totally rock Ravelry.

3.) I like making inventory lists.

This is a really, really big undertaking.  I have a (very full) room devoted to my stash.  It is literally to the ceiling with large plastic containers full of yarn.  Large plastic containers.  The kind you could put a folded-up body in.  BIG.  I don’t know.  I have to think about this.  But I would like to do it before I start packing as we are planning on using yarn as a packing material for breakables.  In plastic bags of course.  Wouldn’t want it to get dirty you know.


What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Considered Insanity

  1. Lily says:

    OMG, you really ARE crazy! what taxonomy would you use?!

  2. hortihoney says:

    I am not sure. I would probably try to do it as close as possible to how they do it on Ravelry. If anyone has any better ideas, I’m all for them!

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