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I have had these two pieces of a pillow cover done for a while, well since January to be exact.  All I needed to do was to felt them and sew them together.  Yet, I waited.  Felting has always made me nervous, and now I find, for good reason.  Today I threw these two pieces into the washing machine and followed the instructions on the pattern TO THE LETTER!  Two tablespoons of baking soda….check.  15 minutes of hot water agitation…..check.  Pair of jeans added to the washer to cause more agitation…..check.  

What came out was SEVERAL inches too short in both directions!  WTF!?!?!?!  I tried to stretch them out to the appropriate sizes.  This was rather a comedic effort.  I tried pinning them in place.  They just kept saying back to me, “Baby, you FELTED us.  We just ain’t got no more stretch TO us anymore!”.

This is what they look like now.  I didn’t think to take a before picture because I was FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR ONCE!!!!  It should turn out right when you follow the instructions, right?  


You can see in this photo that the length of the largest piece AFTER STRETCHING is 14″.  It should be 18.5″.  



Hmmmmm…  Pillow covering is sort of like a purse right?  Maybe I could just add straps to it…..


Sigh….  This is why I don’t like following directions.

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