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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

So, while I was in the UK the last time I bought a bag of oatmeal colored Blue Faced Leicester roving.  I bought a half a kilo of it, thinking that was the closest that I could easily get to them selling me a pound of the stuff. Half a kilo is about 1.1 pounds.  So, this has been what I have been spinning for the last, well, forever.  Spinning has been a little neglected of late due to the whole Christmas-is-hurtling-through-the-calendar-faster-than-Santa-on-his-supersonic-sleigh thing as well as the whole moving-to-another-country-lots-of-paperwork thing and the usual I-have-2-jobs-and-go-to-school thing.  The wheel actually had dust on it.  Anyway, last night I was removing the roving from Milo’s mouth for the umpteenth time (she thinks it’s tasty, until, that is,  she can’t get it out of her mouth because it is stuck in her teeth) and I decided to just go and spin the rest of it.  There wasn’t really that much left and it took me a few hours, but the never ending bag of Blue Faced Leicester has finally ended!  I made up 2 pretty good sized skeins of the stuff with what was left.  Here is the one that I soaked and hung last night:


Here is the one that I finished plying this morning, still on the niddy noddy:


I am so glad that the never ending bag of wool is done.  If for nothing else, I don’t have to worry about Milo walking around with a pseudo beard of wool hanging out of her mouth.  It freaks me out!

Now, I just need to wash all the fleeces that I got at Rhinebeck.  That, however, is an adventure for another day……

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