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I have been battling a moderate sinus infection since Wednesday.  Even with the cutting edge drugs that are available in this world, it is still a pretty miserable state to be in.  Everything sounds horrid and food smells awful.  It is a good way to lose some weight I guess.

However, I have had some fun in my life of late.  I got a tetanus shot on Wednesday!  No, seriously, I went with the Hookers to Go Green for the Holidays.  Sort of a holiday open house with 8 different businesses in College Park participating.  They had pedicabs to transport people between the various businesses.


They had tasty treats and lovely drinks….



They had lots of discounts and specials.  They were even giving out massages!


As usual, I forgot to take pictures after a fairly brief period.  I totally missed the girling-out at the Beauty Spot with my camera.  However, when we found out that they were doing complimentary massages, hand treatments, EYEBROWS, and things like that we basically camped out there.  They were also selling gift certificates for a massage, pedi and manicure, and a facial for $60 which we were all immediately lined-up for.  I got my brows done.



Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of your own eyebrows?  Let me tell you, it’s pretty damn hard!  Go ahead! Try it, I dare you!  Send them to me if you manage to take one…..

Anyway, it was a really fun night and Lily should get major kudos for planning it!img_1563

Lily baby, this one is for you……..



2 thoughts on “Mild to Moderately Miserable

  1. purelily says:

    OMG, that’s frakking awesome! I really hope the pimp sees that shot! I’m going to email him this link now just to make sure he does 😉

  2. Pimp says:

    The pimp has seen it!!! I always knew I had a big one!!!

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