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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

Several folks have asked what I am working on lately.  So I am going to have a WIP’s post today.  To give a full accounting, I will also put projects that are currently in the “time-out” corner in here.

#1 WIP in time-out is the super secret blanket that I still cannot put a picture of it up.  This one has been in time-out for some time now and really needs to come out of it because it is due in a few weeks. It is just hard for me to even look at it since I have started it from the beginning now 3 times.  Personally, I think that it should be made a law that people cannot graduate from a State school at the same time of the year as Christmas is going down.  It is just wrong and inhumane to those of us who care for these folks and want to celebrate both things!

#2 WIP in time-out is a “quick and easy scarf”.  I mostly made this one on my trip to Chicago a while back.  The reason that it got put into the time-out corner is that it used a little more yarn than it was supposed to and I ran out of the edging color quite a ways from the end of the scarf.  Still haven’t quite decided what to do to this one and am not in a big hurry for it since it has no due date.


#3 WIP  Yet another traveling baby blanket!  I finished the last one that was made out of I Love This Cotton! and I am now back to Bernat Cotton Tots.  This one also has no due date.


#4 WIP  This one is a Christmas gift for a good friend of mine.  I am putting it up here since he knows that he is getting it and, in fact, has been getting periodic updates on it’s progress.  Yes, it is another scrapghan.  What can I say, I like making them!


(Weezy likes me to make them too!)

#5 WIP This is a blanket that I have been commissioned to do by some friends of mine in return for windowsills in the house.  It is made up of octagons instead of squares and is a lot easier to make than it looks.  This one will get done some time after Christmas as we are still deciding on colors.


Only 5 WIP’s, not too bad for me…  Oh, and I have to do the ends and trims for 2 more scrapghans before Christmas for the various parents.  I’ll have pictures of those after the holidays.

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