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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

Last night I went with my friend Lily to a knitting group in College Park.  They were meeting in this very fun place called Infusion Tea on Edgewater.  We got there late as Lily had a meeting to attend that she couldn’t really get out of going to (there was schwag involved, I am totally behind anything that gets one schwag).  Anyway, we had a fun time and I will definitely go again next week.  Maybe then I will remember to take pictures.  Anyway, afterwards we went to a craft fair/art exhibit in a restaurant/club that was down the street a few blocks.  There were 2 knitters representing, which was very cool.  

Today has been all about moving messes around in my house.  I am at least consolidating them at this point, which is the first stem in getting them clean, right?  I have also been working on the whole “getting the birds their impossible permits in which to go to the UK with” thing.  It is most annoying and speciesist as it is much easier to get an animal with fur on it into the UK than one with feathers.  Ugh.  Oh, unless that animal is a supposedly “dangerous breed” (assholes! [yes I am talking to you you British, pomp-ass assholes {oh, excuse me, ARSEHOLES!}])*

Don’t get me started.  I am still rather pissed off.

Anyway, still haven’t mailed out the damn Christmas cards, but am going to as this year they ROCK!

I haven’t finished the Christmas letter.  Slight problem.

Oh well, they may get sent out in January!

* Ok, so I know it isn’t probably the best idea to piss off the British Government before I am even over there.  But what the hell, they’ve heard worse.  I mean, this is where punk originated.  That gang had a seriously dirty mouth sometimes:-)

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