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The wonderful Christmas season is in full swing once again.  I mailed off two Christmas packages at the post office this morning, which made for the house becoming slightly more navigable once again (they were some big ass boxes!).  I had to go out today to return a few things and to pick up a very important piece of equipment in this house.  No, not a kitty litter scoop (nothing is THAT important!) but a wireless router.  Last night between 9 and 11 the power went out at least a half a dozen times.  I don’t know what was going on exactly, but Progress Energy trucks were patrolling the street like we were a third world nation currently under martial law.  Anyway, I think that this caused the final demise of our 5 year old router with an attitude.  It wouldn’t even flash a light this morning.  A dead router is a sad little thing.  Without the little lights that blink at you it is just a little plastic box with an antenna.  RIP little router, you were a pain in the ass at times, but you served us faithfully for many years…

However, we now have a router with the words XTREME N GIGABIT ROUTER blazoned across the front of the box.  I don’t know what exactly that means but is sure sounds geeky-sexy (and lord knows I am all about the geeky-sexy!).  It was however, extremely easy to set-up, so it must not be that geeky or else I would have had to have an intimate understanding of the logarithms that went into the programing of the device in order to make it work.  

I have also finished another scrapghan.  I am not going to post a picture of the final, lovely product as it is a Christmas present and the recipient reads this blog.  But I will show you a small part of it.  Since these are all unique works of art, I have decided that they should be a numbered series.  So, this is number 4, which I slip-stitched onto it with a wool yarn so that it felted on when I washed and dried it.  


I will also show you a picture of this particular blanket with some extremely cute animals on it.


Is is any wonder that I can never get any work done around here with this level of cuteness going on?

One thought on “My House is Currently Insane and I’m OK With That

  1. dcwalker says:

    Okay, your animals are the most adorable creatures I have ever seen! Look at how cute! Well done, well done. I have a dog and a cat who looks sort of like yours but is much smaller (he’s only a kitten). Why don’t you check out my blog? Here’s a link to take you right there. Enjoy!

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