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Oh how I love to Biore.


I haven’t had a good biore night in a while, so tonight I decided to Biore after the Happy Hookers.


Then I started playing with the photobooth feature on the computer…


There is something seriously fun about the biore strips…


They just add a whole new diminson to my face.


I get way too much pleasure from them I think…


This is what happens when you mix Sarah with way too much caffeine and throw in a Mac.  And, of course, Biore strips, can’t forget the biore strips.  

P.S.  Liberated more boxes tonight.  Wish that they would at least flatten them!

One thought on “Biore Love

  1. lily says:

    omg, i used to have biore “parties” with my girlfriends in college!! this brings back fond memories =)
    tho as i opened your blog and started to read it before the pictures loaded, i seriously thought you were going to post a picture of a the strip after you pulled it off! 😛

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