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Packing is in full-swing here.  We’re up to the mid 200’s in the box numbers.  Mind you a lot of those are the wonderful cat food and litter buckets that I am obsessive about saving since they make great yarn containers but they are not the biggest things to pack things into.  However, they are free and quite sturdy so we are using them.  Most of the books are packed, there are maybe just a few hundred left.  Hey, after probably 2700 or so, a few hundred doesn’t seem too big of a deal!  Anyway, this is a picture of the source of our related dreams.



I was going to write about the 2(!) new pairs of girly shoes that I got at Target and 1 pair at Marshall’s last week.  But since they got packed before they were able to be photographed you will just have to wait for that thrill.  Instead, I will amuse you with pictures of the yarn count going down.



These were taken when the count was at around 200.  It’s at around 400 at this point.  Take a moment and imagine.  Now add 4 cats, 2 dogs and 2 increasingly tired humans.  You get the idea.  You can check out the ever growing stash count here on the Ravelry site.   If you aren’t a Ravelry member and you are reading this you seriously need to get your ass over there!!!!

So, a little Christmas sharing.  My brother had be warning me that A.) Monster Mutt Micheal wouldn’t remember me and that B.) He was “fuzzy” and that he was C.) “fat”.  This is what I found when I got to Ackley.


He looked exactly like he did when I left him except sometimes he was surrounded by white.


It was certainly a “White Christmas” as we got at least 4 inches of snow very early on Christmas Eve.  It was easily one of the prettiest Christmases that I have seen in Iowa ever.  


While we were in Ackley we got to spend some time with our friends Sarah and Dan and, of course, the ever growing MH.  We went out to eat at the Ackley Family Diner as they were passing through the area on their way from Chicago to Sioux City.


You can see that MH has gotten quite a bit more active in the few months since we last saw him.  His newest trick is grabbing things and pulling, so we spent a lot of time baby proofing the area around whoever was holding him at the time as things like menus and drinks and cameras were in serious peril if they came within his reach.



The Hubby and I had better get cracking and make this little cutie a future wife post haste!


That same day we also went to one of my favorite yarn shops in the Midwest (and probably the world) The Rose Tree Fiber Shop.  It was busier than I expected for the day after Christmas.  I guess that everyone was just stir crazy after so much time at home with the family (I may have been projecting a little bit there…).



I love this shop and can spend hours there despite the small size of it.  

Ok, I need to sleep sometime tonight in order to have the strength to keep up with the hookers tomorrow night. Goodnight!

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