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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

EndWe have done the insane, the impossible, the fuzzy and bulky.  We have cataloged my yarn stash.  Note that I did not say “my entire yarn stash”.  That will have to wait for the UK as there were a LOT with no labels or with labels that were so, well, mysterious, or in other languages so they will need some research.  The main bulk of the yarn, however, is in my Ravelry notebook though with no pictures or really any details to speak of.  Chris helped a LOT.  In fact, he really entered most of the yarns since he was just so much faster at typing them in.  So, this means, I have been truly been laid naked before my husband.  He now knows, in very graphic detail just how large the stash actually is.  Oh, I have been so cut-off from Hobby Lobby and eBay.  So. Cut. Off. (But then again, he isn’t home this week…..:-))

I want to extend some kudos to a company that has really rocked for me.  I ordered the Charcoal Walking Coat from them a few weeks before Christmas in order that I could wear it home over the (frigid) holidays.  At the end of the 5 days that I wore it, there was a small hole in the seam directly below the right pocket.  I called Land’s End a few days before I got home.  The phone was answered on the 2nd ring by an actual human (and a very sweet one to boot who had a fabulous Wisconsin/Swedish accent) and the whole process took a total of 15 minutes and I only talked to 2 people and they were sending the coat out straight away and I can send the defective one back in the new one’s packaging postage paid.  It was the easiest customer service that I have received in a long time.  It makes me want to buy more things from them just because I know that this is what I will get if I have a problem.  There is a lesson there for a LOT of companies (namely United Airlines).

I took some pictures of some of the much talked about violets over the weekend.


This one is called Spectacular and it really is.  It give you some perspective as to how large that flower is, the pot it is in is about 4″ across. The flower is nearly 2″ and it is really amazing.




It’s getting harder to fill boxes as the office is nearly full and we will need to get into it still so I can’t put too much more in there.  The books are almost completely packed, just a few here and there, maybe 3 more boxes.  I’ve also packed most of my Wedgewood china as well as most of the fragile stuff.  I’ve even started to pack clothes.  I really need to get up in the attic and start pulling whatever is left up there down and sorting through it.  Alas, I will need Chris’ help with this and he just went off to London today for a week.  Ugh.  Packing is starting to wind down a little and thank goodness as I am exhausted!

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