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What a fun day.  Today I went to the S.O.C.K.S. (South Orlando Crocheters, Knitters and Spinners) 5th annual Distaff day.  It was a blast and the first time that I have ever gotten a chance to spin with other people.  It is also the first time a photo of me spinning has been taken.


The folks to the left of me in the picture came all the way from Gainesville for the day.  There were a lot of spinning wheels there and even a loom!


I do wish that more of the Hookers had come.  I was the only person there that listed crocheting as my primary rather than knitting.  I just wish that we were out there more declaring are hooking independence.  This might be why the industry tends to give us sort of short shrift as we aren’t out there showing off our stuff like the knitters!  Hookers!!!  Get your asses out there and make yourselves known damnit!!!  Ok, end of lecture.


There were items that had been made that were for sale as well as yarns that folks were ready to part with for sale and I was, well, pretty good.


This photo really doesn’t do it justice.  It is, however, 4oz of Seawool pencil rovings dyed by Celena Crews of Rocket Yarn.  You can find her stuff on ETSY here.

I also got this little cutie:


She’s a little polymer clay bead that one of the organizers of the event makes.

I took a large bag of yarn for the free table (as well as two boxes of slightly cold injured violets) so I didn’t feel bad about taking this very little bag of yarn home with me.  It contained 4 teeny-tiny balls of Lightweight DK wool yarn from Rowan in shades of grey.


Definitely not a stashbuster (at least not in my house!).

We also got to make shawl pins by choosing our own beads.  Here’s mine.  Not exciting except maybe in how unexciting it looks.  But it is red, my favorite….


It was a LOT of fun and I would totally suggest to anyone that can go to this next year to do so.  I got to meet a lot of great folks and SPIN IN PUBLIC!

On my way there I stopped at a Wal-Mart.  Now normally I do not like to shop at Wal-Mart.  I don’t like a lot of their practices and well, then one in my area is NASTY.  But, I needed something pronto and I didn’t have time to go to Target which was way out of my way.  So, I ran in and ended-up running out with this:


It is a new set of drawers for my sticker collection (which had recently overflowed into two of the normal sized plastic drawers and was being a real pain-in-the-ass).  It is 3’4″ tall and about 29″ wide.  It is a beast and I love it.  It is exactly the right size for my stickers with a little room to grow…

All in all, a most fun and pretty productive day as I actually got some spinning done!!  However, the super-fucking-secret pain-in-the-ass is still there, awaiting me.  I am also still washing that big-ass Romney fleece.  It is, thankfully, nearly done….

(MSW-103 Birthday spa day 14)

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