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I ordered a pizza on-line for dinner tonight.  While this may seem like no big deal to a lot of you out there it is a HUGE deal to me for 2 reasons.  Reason #1 Up until a couple of years ago you couldn’t order pizza in any form to be delivered to this neighborhood as it was “too far out”.  Reason #2  It is Pizza Slut which I feel make the best breadsticks this side of heaven and I am in my pj’s.  Come on, that is just freaking awesome folks!  I am wearing a pair of Mutts pj pants and a long sleeved Valley Crest freebie shirt from PLANET student career days.  I am rocking the “lazy at home look”.  Fuck it.  I am so not out to win a fashion show in my own fucking home!  Besides, the “Love Crew” arrayed around me really doesn’t give a damn as long as I am liberal with the treats and let them out in a timely manner!


The Love Crew

The Love Crew

Last night was Hooking night.  I was good to see (most) of the gang! (I’m saying that some of the gang wasn’t there not that it wasn’t good to see everyone that was there.)  We had a good time and didn’t get threatened with expulsion from Panera Bread at all so I count it as a win for the home team.

I am still washing wool though slightly more carefully now after burning a spot on my right hand with a pot of boiling water on Wednesday night.  I am almost done with the Romney wool and I have a serious crush on the shepherd who brought that wool to Rhinebeck.  I wish her/him many, many healthy twins this spring and many mild days for them to be born into.  It is soooooooo clean.  Compared to the other fleeces that I washed up to this point, this one is a serious walk in the park.  With some one you like.  Maybe even someone you would like to hold hands with.  Holding hands. Laughing and giggling.  Yep.  Folks. It is that good.  I am having fun washing this fleece (other than the scalding water on dominant hand thing).

Ok, maybe I need to get out more as I just realized what I just wrote.  I am having fun washing a dirty sheep’s fleece in really hot water in my washing machine.  Wow.  Some serious dork material there.  I am already guessing at the numerous bills for a therapist that my as yet unconceived daughter will have when she has to overcome her childhood.  “My mother would put these bags of dirty wool along with some dish washing liquid in the clothes washing machine and just sort of, you know, let it soak.  Then she would spin out the water and later like wash my clothes in it!  Even my underware!!!“.

To my future daughter:  Get over it.  You’re made of stronger stuff than that (trust me, you came out of me, you are stronger stuff than that if you realize it or not.).  Love, Your Future Mom 


(Is it wrong to start a countdown to Maryland Sheep and Wool when I have several major events coming up in my life before then?  Like a move to another continent and graduating from college????  Oh fuck it.  MSW-104 days. Birthday Spa day-15)

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