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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

Tonight was Yarn Therapy night at Infusion Tea.  God knows that I needed some sort of therapy after the day that Monday turned out to be (the cat peeing in the bag was just the straw that broke the camels back [though if that made the camel easier to comb so I could spin some of that nice, expensive stuff….]).  Anyway, Terri’s group is growing by leaps and bounds and much fun was had by all.  Lily and I got there extra early so that we could eat as they have most excellent food there as well as tea.  Of course I brought my big-assed camera with me and of course I completely forgot to use it once again.  I know, I really need to start using it in order to justify lugging it everywhere.  Oh well, one of these days…..

Today Chris went and looked at a house for us to rent.  I am not too optimistic about us getting it as there were some people looking at it on Saturday that seemed really into it.  It would be nice though as it has a 2 1/2 acre yard and a couple of greenhouses and is nice and big.  Really perfect for us.  I am getting tired of these great houses getting grabbed before we even have a chance to look at them.  I am glad that Chris is actually there now so that I can start sending him out immediately to look at properties.  It is making me nervous that it seems that our stuff is more on the go than the pets and I are currently!

Lily and I went looking for running shoes for her at the local Sports Authority.  It happens to be next door to the PetSmart (which I needed for some bird supplies as that stuff is ALL IN THE UK NOW) and, oops, Jo-Ann’s.  so we bopped on over (I mean, we both had coupons so it was meant to be, right?) and I introduced her to the Deborah Norville yarn that has just recently shown up there.  It seems pretty nice, I’ve got a couple of skeins of the sock yarn and one of the worsted weight.  But what’s up with this?  Is the new claim to fame not if you have a fragrance named after you but rather a yarn line?!?!?  All I can say is that if there is ever a BSG line of yarn I am so there.  I can kinda see it now.  The “Six” yarn will be a sock yarn that is drop dead  gorgeous with a serious don’t-fuck-with-me nylon core.  The “Laura” is a cashmere blend in sportweight, all class.  The “Starbuck” yarn is a worsted weight in the colors of yellow, red and blue.  I’m not sure what the “Apollo” yarn would be….maybe a nice wool sportweight?  I do know what the “Baltar” yarn would be, a fun fur (they always seem so straight when you start working with them but they always end-up in a mess!).  For whatever reason, I keep seeing the “D’Anna” yarn as a chunky weight nubby thing with lots of interesting quirks.  What would the “Admiral Adama” yarn be?  Has to be wool I think given his affection towards the classics.  I would think muted colors….  Worsted?

Ok, have to get off of that topic or the next thing that you know I’ll be at a sci-fi convention wearing a colonial military uniform and I’m not sure that I could pull that off….

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