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You know how it seems that you are destined to learn things over and over again only to forget them?  I am so that way with getting drunk and staying up much too late and then climbing aboard a Boeing 747 for an international flight.  One of these days I’m going to cause an “international incident” with my “international hangovers”.  Ugh.  But despite the pain that it caused, I wouldn’t trade the night before for anything.  The Hubby and I started out the night, where else, but at the Green and Red where we met up with lovely Andy who was entertaining some folks from France.  She met up with us later in the evening at St. Johns, easily my favorite restaurant in London.  There, we had some lovely wines with our dinner which was fantastic as usual.  Then we went to a club which I cannot remember the name of that was much too crowded for our tastes.  Then we went to the Lounge Bohemia where we spent several chilled-out hours drinking the really amazing cocktails there.  Here are some pictures of them.


We were all pretty impressed with the applegomi bird on this drink.


Not sure what all was going on there, but it sure looks fun!

Then, we wandered back to the Green and Red and hung out there until sometime after 3am (it’s good to be considered family:-)).


We might have made an earlier night of it had we checked when exactly my flight was.  I had been thinking that it was sometime around 3 in the afternoon.  That’s when it arrived back here in Florida.  Nope, my flight left at 11am.  Now that may not seem all that bad, but let me remind you fair reader, that it takes a good hour and a half to get to the airport from the hubby’s flat in London and that it is an international flight so you need to be there a bit earlier than normal.  I’m just going to say that waking up was a very difficult thing to do.  Hell, bending over was a very difficult thing to do!

But, we made it to the airport ok and I got to my plane with plenty of time to spare and once again I had a whole row to spread out in and try to sleep.

Now I am home feeling the love from all of the puppies and kitties that I missed and who I am pretty sure didn’t miss me  too much with the wonderful Miss Denise watching them.  I am really going to miss having Miss Denise around to watch the family since I can leave now without feeling like a total shit.  It’s just so much easier on the pets to stay at home than going into the vets office to be boarded.

Oh, just to let you know.  We did “get” a house.  I say “get” as we are still in referencing but we did pay the deposit and all of that.  That was a fun day!  I rode on several crowded tubes and a long train ride with around 1500 pounds all in 20 pound notes in my coat pocket.  I felt like a serious drug dealer:-)  The Estate Agent was kind enough to meet with us that day and to both pick us up and drop us off at the train station.  Oh yeah, and to take us the “scenic route” on the way back.  It is truly a lovely area that we are going to be living in.  The village is called Ivinghoe Aston and it is in Buckinghamshire I believe.  It is a tiny village and we are going to be living in a converted chapel.  Here are some pictures:




Hopefully I’ll have more pictures later:-)

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