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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

Yesterday was the “big” vet appointment.  It was where the International health certificate, the EU health certificate and the Virgin Atlantic health certificate were all filled out by the vet.  It took several hours in total and was really important because if there are any major mistakes in this pile of papers our pets could end-up in a sort of international purgatory.  I am really keen on this not happening as you can imagine.  It would have also meant that I would have to make the drive that I just took today to Gainesville yet again, also something that I am going to try to avoid.  Not that the 2 hour drive up there isn’t lovely.  Well, really, it isn’t.  I think that most of the time it’s about as boring as cleaning except that you aren’t going to find any quarters that your husband randomly places around the house and get to wonder, “Now why did he put a quarter here?  Of all places, why here?”.  Anyway, I get up there and it is seriously a matter of just stamping the pile of sheets with the “official seal of GOD” otherwise known as the USDA stamp.  Everything checked out correctly and all we need to do now is the tick n’ tape and they are ready to fly!

Last night was Yarn Therapy.  Lily and I were a little late because of, well, me.  The vet took a little longer than I thought that it would…..  Anyway, it’s always a fun time hanging out.  I took my camera and then forgot to take any pictures.  I have SERIOUSLY got to get better at this!

Anyway, I have lots o’ crap to get done and not lots ‘o time to do it, so later!

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