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This is probably my last post as a resident of Florida.  I am sitting in the waiting area for my flight on Hot Lip, yes, that saucy 747 again, watching for my pets to board the airplane.  We made it through all of the check-in with no problems, now we’re just hoping that we make it onto the plane since we really have too much carry-on baggage.  If they make a fuss, I will more than likely start crying.  It has been a seriously stressful day….finishing packing, closing-up the house, taking our geese to their new home.  I am already tired and know that by the time that I get there I will probably be insensible.  

I wanted to let you know that so far it has all gone ok.  I may not be able to post for a while due a lack of internet. What awaits me is a bit of mystery on that front.  I will try to let you all know as soon as I reasonably can how things went.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us get to this point and for all the kind wishes and farewells.   

By the way, the ball sack has boarded the plane………


2 thoughts on “So long…

  1. Terri says:

    Still waiting for news…. I hope you are settling in and the animals are all safe in their new home.

    1. hortihoney says:

      We all made it through ok. It has been driving me mad as I have had NO INTERNET AT ALL for a couple of weeks now. There isn’t even any place to get it in the entire village!!!

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