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I’ve not really had a lot of time to dwell on all of my endings here in Florida.  But last night something occurred that drove the point home pretty harshly.  One of my geese was taken by, well, something large.  I am guessing a bear though I have never had that happen before.  However, whatever it was was BIG, I heard it crashing around out in the woods behind the house.  Anyway, it has been quite dry this winter and wildlife has been moving in in ways that are unusual all over the place.  I didn’t go after it as all of the “weapons” that I would normally have for chasing a hungry bear around at 3 am in the morning are in England currently.  Plus, if it was hauling a full grown and rather fat goose around chances are said goose was already dead and I would only get myself into trouble out there.  Yes, for once, I was sensible.  This morning I went out to check on the area and, well, lets just say that I made the right call.  There were feathers all over the place not far from the yard.

One disturbing thing that has happened is that Chuck the Duck who likes to Fuck has disappeared as well.  I know that he was alive when I awoke last night as I heard him fly by my bedroom window.  I know it was Chuck as he has a distinctive sound to his flying compared to the geese.  However, he is no where to be found this morning.  There are also no signs of his death.  No feathers spread in a violent way, nothing.  So, as mysteriously as he appeared he leaves.  I can only hope that he decided to take off for a pond with more chica’s than we have here.  So Chuck, best of luck and I hope you are somewhere where you can do as you like!

Today I also took Jiji to the Sheeler Road Animal Hospital for probably the last time.  She needed another steriod shot as she has a really bad allergic reaction to, well, something.  We are really going to miss the gang there.  They have taken care of our large extended family for over a decade now.  The vets know that I am ok giving shots to my animals as well as how much I pay attention to their health.  It took a long time to build the kind of relationship that I had with these folks.  They aren’t just the folks who took care of our pets when they were sick, but they are friends, and we will miss them.

Tonight is my last Hooker’s meet-up living here.  They are having a farewell party for me on Sunday, so it isn’t the last time that I will get to see them.   I will also be going to a meet-up when I am back to graduate.  But, tonight will be my last “regular” meet-up with the gang.  I am going to miss these guys more than I know how to express with mere words.  They have become part of the family that we all make around ourselves.

I can officially state now that we do, in fact, have a place to live.  The referencing process is finished and we passed, I guess.  I just hope that the residents of Ivinghoe Aston are ready for their newest neighbors!

Also, the hubby bought us a car!  This should be exciting…………..

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