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So, I finally have my “studio”, as we are calling it as it sure as heck isn’t an office, put together.  Of course my room is always a work in progress but here is what it looks like for the moment.




As you can see, Meara and Weezy are being lovely models for me by sitting like little ladies in the two chairs in the room.  I didn’t even have to bribe them or anything to do that.


Meara is such a show-off!

Meara is such a show-off!


One of my favorite aspects of the room is the view, which is quite fun.  I purposely turned my spinning wheel away from the view of the sheep as they were too distracting.



All of my crafty books are in here as well as a good chunk of my horticulture books.  Some of them got delegated to the attic as there were just too many of them and a lot of them don’t really apply to the UK.  I mean really, I don’t really need a Trees of North America quite at hand as I used to now do I?


The lighting in this room is excellent.  It is a diffused Northern light from the window and there are six quite good halogens in the ceiling.  Most of my yarn is in the attic as well since there just wasn’t enough space in the room to deal with all of the containers as well.  I have made sort of a little room up there with even a little chandlier and lots of pretty throw rugs.  


My attic yarn room...

My attic yarn room...



You can see that I have started decorating the ceiling/walls of the attic with yarny sorts of things...

You can see that I have started decorating the ceiling/walls of the attic with yarny sorts of things...


I am missing home even as I begin to realize that our house in Florida was really not a good fit for the two of us.  It was ok for me alone, but as soon as there was the two of us living there is started to become quite crowded.  This house is a much better fit for us in many ways,  First off, it is larger with a more usable attic space.  I wish that there was a bit more to the yard as I am itching to plant things but having the conservatory is really nice.  We are looking at getting a little shed to put out in the courtyard in order to store our bikes in that will make the conservatory a little easier to use.  But I like that the “greenhouse” space is so very attached to the living area of the house.  The kitchen, except for it’s odd little washer/dryer combo (no, it doesn’t really work at all) and it’s British sized fridge is a much better space for the hubby to create his gourmet masterpieces in than our old place.  I am glad that it is going to be loved by a singleton once again.  But I still miss home.  I miss the bear tree behind the house and the bank of windows in the front room with their cool Northern light.  I miss the owls hooting and screeching in the dusk and the cardinals flitting about the azalea bushes in the front.  I know that I will get over missing these things, eventually.  I don’t think that I will get over missing my friends, however.  Or the ease at which things can get done in the US.  

Today we went to the bank and finally got me put on the checking account as well as opened a savings account.  The water bill came on Saturday and it was what we were waiting for in order to have me on an account at the bank.  It is amazing to me that that was all that it took to get me on when all the other very official papers that we had on Friday weren’t enough.  

I have started a new Yarn Therapy group here.  I am hoping that someone will actually show up for it, otherwise I will be crocheting away in a pub by myself for an evening.  I have posted flyers in Tring and should probably go to Ivinghoe and Leighton Buzzard and post some there as well.  I need to get over to Leighton Buzzard anyway as there is a vet there that is supposed to be pretty good.  So, if you are in the Ivinghoe Aston area on Tuesday nights stop in at the Village Swan and look for the woman crocheting and say hi!

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