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As of today I no longer have a valid excuse for not posting as often as I should.  I now have the internet.  A very nice man from BT came by today and hooked-up the phone line to the house.  I would have taken a picture of him but I think that I sort of freaked him out by just being me enough already and I really wanted my internet.  So, he’s about for about an hour doing things with beepy devices in and out of the house.  He then asks if I have a telephone (which we do [long story on that one, maybe another time dears]) and voila!  We have a phone line.  So, as he’s leaving I ask him how long it will be until the modem comes and he said that it should be quite soon.  

I go upstairs and come back down and voila! again!  There is a package in the front just waiting for me!  And it’s a modem!  Holy shit!  That was FAST!  At first I was going to wait until the hubby came home to set it up but as I read the package it said, “fast and easy set-up!” and I thought, “what the hell!” which is usually a bad thing for me to think, especially as it applies to technology.  Anyway, against by better instincts I hauled the device up to the attic where all the wireless computer related stuff is and plugged it into all the appropriate sockets and voila! Yet again!  It worked!


Sexiest thing I've seen all week

Sexiest thing I've seen all week

Nothing is going to get done around here housework wise for the rest of the week folks as I gorge myself on internet access!!!

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