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We have guests coming this next weekend and today is a lovely day here in Ivinghoe Aston so I decided to go on out and straighten-up the courtyard.  It is the one area of the house that has been, up to this point, left pretty much as the movers placed it.  There were several large clusters of big clay pots and a cluster of smaller clay pots in plastic crates and my few herb pots in another cluster.  Yeah, it was a cluster…….  

So, today I went out and moved all of the clay pots over to a corner where they aren’t in the way.  I potted-up a few herb plants that were still awaiting their “nice pot” home and moved all of the herbs to the sunniest and warmest part of the yard.  I also did a couple of very minor repairs to the conservatory.  All in all, a couple of hours work but definately worth it.  The courtyard feels like it is ready now for the arrival of warmer weather.


Sunbathing herbs

Sunbathing herbs


The courtyard as seen from the bedroom upstairs

The courtyard as seen from the bedroom upstairs




Now, to get the spare bedroom straightened up…….

P.S.  One of the sheep across the road had a lamb.  I am very excited by the implications of this 🙂

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  1. xetianale says:

    belive me your acts like child… (never mind sorry!)
    i’m new in this

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