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Tyra, put that pattern for a baby sweater down!  I’m not talking about me (yet) but rather my neighbors across the road.  There are, at last count, 4 sets of twins in the field next door that were not there yesterday.  In fact, one set I got to see being born this morning on our daily walk.  Another set had just been born and the mama was cleaning them still.  It’s so amazing to see these teeny-tiny lambs plop out and proceed to stand right up and try to nurse!  The ewes talk to the lambs in this low voice in the first few minutes of their lives that isn’t quite a bah, more like a cat’s purr.  The lambs get straight up and start head-butting the ewe’s udder.  (Can I get an OWWWW!!!!!! from all the other women out there?!!?)  It seems that almost all of the sheep that have lambed so far have had twins.  Way to go farmer!  Some of the ewes are so very pregnant that it looks as though they have a large beach ball under their wool coats when they lie down in the sun.  

This week has been interesting, not just for the baby-making going on.  We had our first quiz night in the pub on Monday night.  Our team didn’t place last, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying!  We had a lot of fun and met a lot of the local villagers which was nice.  We also found out that our cat, Milo, is becoming a bit of a celebrity in town.  She is apparently the local neighborhood watch as she is always seen in the windows as people go by.  We would tell folks where we live and they would reply, “Oh, you have a grey cat don’t you?”.  We found out that there is also another Milo in the village who is also grey.  Now, what are the chances of THAT?


The Village Watch while still in the US

The Village Watch while still in the US

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