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I finally got some stuff in the mail that I had been waiting for.  One of the things came in these boxes:


For those of you with sharp eyes, you might notice that the tape on the boxes matches that of a box I recieved prior to settting off for the States.  Here’s another picture to give you some better size perspective.


They are some BIG boxes from the folks at the British Wool Board.   

And inside these boxes…


were some really big paper bags full of…


greasy fleecies!  Yep, it was two large boxes full of unwashed sheep’s fleeces.  To say that the dogs were interested would be a slight understatement:-)  Most of what I got were colored fleeces.  And, considering that I still haven’t spun the fleeces from Rhinebeck, well, Houston, we may have a problem here!

I also got the box that I mailed back here from the US as I was having space/time issues (namely I ran out of space in my suitcases this time).  In it were some yarns that I picked-up at Maryland Sheep and Wool.  I got one 4oz. skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn in Bark and a mill-end skein that weighed in at 6.4 oz in the pink.


I also got a great hank of yarn from Seacolors Yarns in a soft greenish blue.  This farm/yarnery was featured in the book Shear Spirit which I wrote about right after I came back from Rhinebeck as I had gotten a copy signed by the author and photographer there.  The yarn that is produced is dyed in seawater and is specifically done in order to exhaust the dye bath as well as be as friendly to the environment as possible.  Plus, the yarn is just so super cushy it makes you want to bounce on it!


I also got some more rovings.  These are rather rambunctiously dyed and were named Alabama Winter II and Color 09-02.  They were from the Little Barn folks who had some really fun rovings for sale.


So, you can see that the postman has had a time of it of late bringing me packages.  I’m pretty sure that he’s sick of my face at this point.  Can you really blame him?  Those big boxes are heavy as hell!  Now I just need to find a decent priced drum carder……

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