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So, of course, I get asked right about the stuff that I picked-up at Maryland Sheep and Wool.  Ok, so I got a few things (I took a large camping sized duffelbag that was full on the return).  Here’s a sample of some of the things that I got in Maryland.


These are balls of roving that I got from a company called Bartlettyarns.   It isn’t the finest wool in the universe, but it has very cool inflections of natural colored wool through them.  Plus, it was really, really reasonably priced.


I’ve wanted to get this book ever since I heard that it was coming out.  And look!


It’s signed by the author!  


The folks from Wild Fibers were there and they were selling back issues for a great deal, 4 for $2o!  For those of you that have never heard of this magazine before it is sort of like the National Geographic of the fiber world.  Each issue takes you to new places in the world where the various types of fiber come from or originated at.  It is a very cool magazine and if you have a chance to check out an issue, I highly suggest it!


These are some pottery plant label stakes that a company was clearancing out at $.75 each.  There weren’t a lot that I was interested in but of course I managed to find a few that I could use.



These bags contain one pound each of processed fleece from Navajo-Churro sheep named (respectivaly) Isabella and Zora.  The Navajo-Churro is a very old breed which is considered “rare” in breed terms.  I got these directly from the breeder of the sheep, Walks F Acres.  I like to buy from a sheep breeder like this as I can find out about the sheep themselves and I feel like I am supporting a small business as well as help to maintain a threatened breed.  Plus, the price was really reasonable.


I got these two roving balls from the Brush Creek Wool Works.  They are a lovely blend of blue with various yellows and greens and red with yellows and blues.  I’m not sure what type of wool these are but I am pretty sure that they are some sort of Merino blend.

There are also a few things which just aren’t that fun to take pictures of.  I got some plastic cards one which came with a little wooden tool in order to figure out what type of yarn I am making when I am spinning or to just figure out what kind of unlabeled yarn I have laying around.  It’s called a Wraps per inch (or WPI) tool.  I also got a yarn classification card that has a bunch of information about the different types of yarn available.

There are some things that I mailed here as I was pretty full suitcase wise.  When they get here I’ll show pictures of them as well.

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