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Today I am having one of those days where just one thing spins you around a full 180 and before you know it your day is going in a very different direction than you anticipated.

It all started with an e-mail from my mom asking if I was still interested in driving to Alaska from Iowa.  Um, hell yes?!?  Aparently my father sort of put his foot down when my mom started planning the trips that she wanted to take in the upcoming year since she will be retiring in August.  She wanted to go to Europe again and he said that he wasn’t going to Europe until he had gotten to drive to Alaska.  Now, both my dad and I have wanted to do this for a long time (now you know where I get the weird from I guess) and another adult driver didn’t seem like such a bad idea to my mom.  So, this is where it all started.  Then, since I was already going to be in the States and near a city with super cheap flights to Orlando, I should try to get down there for a week or so after Alaska.  Oh, and since I would probably be passing through Chicago I should try to take a few days there to see all my friends there.  It is looking like I am going to be gone for at least a month at this point, maybe even a little more.  If there was one thing that I learned on my last trip to Florida is that it is better to plan too much time rather than too little.  

So, in case you weren’t following along, here is the itinerary as it looks now.  London to Chicago flying (a few days stay) Chicago to Iowa flying (a few days to prepare) Iowa to Alaska and back driving (a few weeks traveling) Iowa to Florida flying (a week or so stay) and then Florida to London flying.

Logistically this sounds……….complicated.  But interesting.  I mean, imagine going from some of the most Northern parts of the US to some of the most Southern.  Hell, it makes me want to drive down to the Keys just so that I can say that I did it.  Does that make me sick?  Anyone in Florida interested in taking a trip to the Keys with me?  I should think that packing for this trip is going to be….intimidating.  The average temperature in most parts of Alaska that time of year is still just a little bit above freezing while in Florida it’s still rather, well, fraking hot still.  Plus, there is going to be a lot of time in a car.

Can you tell that I’m getting excited?

I don’t know if my mom knows what she’s in for………….

Now, knitting a scarf in May doesn’t seem so silly anymore.

One thought on “Holy Crap!!!!!

  1. purelily says:

    this is the first time in ages that i’ve got back to my blogs and i’m so glad i did! you have got an awesome trip planning out… but when is it all taking place?! i might be interested in going down to the keys, but i think i’m more excited that you’ll be in iowa! can i come visit you there and go estate sale hopping?! =)

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