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I am now into serious packing, you know, making a list and checking it twice kinda stuff.  My suitcases are curiously devoid of clothing.  I’m not taking a lot as I plan on getting some stuff while I am home.  I will also be staying a lot with friends and family and that means access to normal American washing machines!  You have no idea just how exciting that thought is.  Honestly, it makes me want to pack my entire wardrobe just so that I can wash and dry it in a normal washer and dryer.  The miniature washing machine that we have in this house just plain ol’ sucks.  It makes the laundry smell funny and takes forever to clean it.  

Anyway, the suitcases are still fairly full.  Oddly enough, there is a lot of electronic stuff in them given the fact that I’m about one step away from being the Unabomber.  It’s odd.  But one suitcase is half-full of dog biscuts that are gifts for all the dogs that I will be seeing and the other is half-full of blankets.  And these are big suitcases!!!  


The Big Black Suitcase

The Big Black Suitcase


The Orange Monster

The Orange Monster



I have this very strong urge to cast on something lace.  I have no idea where this lace urge is coming from, and really it’s not the greatest time for me to want to cast-on lace knitting but I think that I may actually give in and do it.  So if you see someone cursing their way across the Atlantic on a United flight or cussing their way across Canada with some alpaca/nylon trailing out the window of a silver SUV crossover, say hi!


Look ma!  Lace!! I made LACE!!!  Woo hoo!!!

Look ma! Lace!! I made LACE!!! Woo hoo!!!



So, some oddball things that are added to the To Get list:

Marshmallow Fluff  The holiday season is soon upon us and fudge here is seriously lacking in the fluff.  

Plastic Roaches  I bought a gross of these little buggers several years ago at a party supply store in the town that I lived in.  I have put these in packages and letters, hidden them in desk and silverware drawers and generally made a nuisance of myself with them and I am nearly out.  Gotta restock my fake bugs!

King Sized Pillow  I’m not planning on bringing this one back with me.  I had the brilliant idea of maybe getting a cheap one of these somewhere before I start out on the road.  I know my dad will not be pleased with me taking up this much space, but I know that I’ll sleep a ton better in the myriad of hotel rooms that I’ll be laying my head down in if I have one good pillow that I can use.  A $10 investment in sleeping a lot better for 2 months, I’d call that a deal!

Ok, have to go get stuff at the store now (the Jiji cat is out of her special food and she gets pissy when she is hungry!!!).

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