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So, I’m just going to get this out in the open up-front.  I know that this is my fault.  It is my fault that I have the sniffles now and will have a full-blown sinus infection before I get on the plane on Thursday.  “Why?”, you may ask.  Simple.  I am much too excited about this trip and have been for weeks now and the Travel Gods are very punishing.  I mean, had I not thought about this trip at all and just sort of showed-up without thinking about packing or really anything, I would have been fine.  Maybe short of underwear but healthy and ok.  But since I made a list for packing (not to mention a “Tour” t-shirt) I am cursed.  Cursed. cursed, cursed.  Hopefully it will only be the sinuses…….


BTW…  I am totally on a lace kick now.  I spent all day yesterday making swatches…….

4 more days.

4 thoughts on “My Fault

  1. tini says:

    oh get well soon (and get Beechems flu caplets from boots.Awesome stuff! Plus the glycerin wine gums!)

    1. hortihoney says:

      I will so have to try that stuff!

  2. Olebrumm says:

    Ounou! I hope you’ll get well before the flight! I’m scared I will catch something like the swine flu just before I’m leaving too. *knocking on wood*

    1. hortihoney says:

      You know, living in the Swine Flu center of the world right now, I’m not so worried about it. In the UK, it has killed fewer people than the normal seasonal flu does. I’m just worried about getting a normal cold. Flying with a cold sucks so badly and I am soooooo due for one about now as I haven’t had one in months and months.

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