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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

So, not a lot to write about for today.  We slept-in (well, as sleeping-in as my mother can which is about 7am) and checked-out of our hotel.  The drive down to Denali is relatively short only a 100+ scenic miles.  We then found out where our bus tour leaves tomorrow and went shopping in, what the locals call, the “Glitter Gulch” which is where there are a lot of fancy resorts, a great many of which seem to be run by the cruise ship operators.

Then we hunted down our hotel which is very cool, with the offices being in an old train car.  I then left mom and dad at the hotel and I drove down the road to a nice campground and did laundry again (I really hate carrying dirty laundry around!).  There I met some folks from Homested, FL who were up here for a few weeks as well as some nice folks from Anchorage who had two little mini doxies that I got to love on for a few minutes (one looked just like Weezy except with slightly longer fur [go figure, she lives in Alaska!]).   No pictures today as I was driving or shopping most of the time I was awake!  Boring day I know, but you have to have one of those once in a while!

Travel Knitting: Nada

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