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Thursday I returned from a really good day at Ally Pally (I’ll write more about it later) with my friend Jon of Easyknits (LOVE the new Twinkle yarn btw) and there was a large package waiting for me in the entryway.  The return address was the retail store of the organizer of Knit Camp.  This wasn’t completely shocking as I had heard of other folks having received their zoodies.  What was surprising was the size of it and that it was much heavier than a single item of clothing would be.

So, I opened it.  Inside was the expected zoodie as well as some other stuff.  Books. Yarn. Fiber.  I’m not completely sure, but in all probably about equal to the amount that the organizer had said that she would reimburse me for Knit Camp.  And its not bad stuff; whomever filled this box did so with some consideration.  All of the yarns are in colors that I would use and like, the fibers likewise.  The books, well, I’m not sure if the person who filled this box checked my Amazon wishlist or not, but the two books were both on there.  This box was thoughtfully filled with me in mind, not just chucked full of junk.

So I’m calling it even, at least financially.  I know that I will never see the money and I would never take it now so long as there are folks so much harder off than I am because of this event.  So, it’s ok.  Not good, not great, but ok.

I do have Knit Camp to thank for a number of things.  I met a ton of new people who share my illness for the wool.  I learned just how much I could take, and still stay smiling (hint: it’s a lot).  I saw just how much someone who is having a good time and is happy can make the folks around them have a better day just for being around them (thanks yummy-mummy for that!).  I questioned the career that I have chosen for myself since it generally doesn’t involve being around people a lot, and I think that I’m pretty good at helping folks (thanks modeknit for that kick-in-the-pants!).  Not to sound all new-age-y on y’all, but I grew as a person.

There it is.  As far as Knit Camp and I are concerned, I’m done.  Knit Camp took up most of my summer, I’ll be damned if it is going to take up my autumn and winter as well!  I will still assist the tutors and employees in any way that I can to help them get what’s owed to them of course.  However, if y’all have some pictures of me there, I would love to see them!  I only took a handful of photos the entire week (it’s hard to take pictures and run at the same time!).

7 thoughts on “The Package

  1. Tammy says:

    This made me smile. The package is great, but your attitude just shows how much of a good person you are.

    We will be back to the UK probably in two years and I would love to see you again if it’s possible. : )

    1. hortihoney says:

      If we are still here, count on it!

  2. Emily says:

    Well, that’s good – particularly that it was a thoughtful package.

    And you made a difference to knit camp for lots of people (I was there!) so thank you.

  3. I’m really glad for your package! Thanks for letting us know about it.

  4. Annie says:

    I’m so glad to hear about this – yay!

  5. Lucy Neatby says:

    Good news! Onwards and upwards for all of us.

  6. Danielle L says:

    I do have a few pics of you which I will forward to you privately. 🙂

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