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A fund to help compensate the unpaid tutors at Knit Camp has been set up.  It is being run by an accounting firm in the UK to make sure that everything remains completely above-board and open.  The tutors who were affected are:

Ann Kingstone

Annie Modesitt

Carol Feller

Deb Robson

Debbie Bamford

Debbie Tomkies

Di Gilpin

Donna Druchunas

Ewa Kuniczak

Jane Harrisson

Jared Flood

Jon Dunn

Kate Tetlow

Kerrie Allman

Liz Lovick

Lorilee Beltman

Lucy Neatby

Mary Jane Mucklestone

Nancy Bush

Nancy Marchant

Rebecca Bonser

Sasha Kagan

Woolly Wormhead*

Yeah, it’s basically a who’s-who of the fiber world.

If you would like to contribute, the easiest way to do it is to go to this link on Ravelry.  There are instructions there.  A lot of these folks are paying interest on flights and transport that was never repaid, let alone their mortgages that are late because not getting paid for their teaching that they did.  As famous and glamorous as many of these folks are to us, being a knitwear designer isn’t all that high-paid of a profession.  They can’t afford to have taught these classes for free…

There are also folks that are auctioning things off with the resulting money going to the fund.  The information about those auctions are also on Ravelry.

Fiber folk are some of the most generous folks in the world.  I have met more people who are willing to spend hours knitting or crocheting a garment for someone who they will never probably meet.  These folks you have met either through teaching or reading their books and articles.  Please help, I am have.

*The list is from one posted by Pat Ashforth on Ravelry.

2 thoughts on “Tutor’s Fund

  1. tini says:

    me too. I thought about offering to knit some socks for someone, if they donate like 10 USD but I’m not sure if anyone would want that or if that is too much/too little to ask for…

    1. hortihoney says:

      In the UK knit Camp social forum, there is a thread about stuff for sale for the tutors fund. I think that the folks on there would have a better answer than I would. However, I do think that you would be undervaluing them at $10 myself:-)

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