Sarah Jane Humke

The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

On Monday night I attended The Bothered Owl’s Christmas party.  I mean really, how could I not?  Drinks, yummies and yarn were promised, a trifecta of siren calls for me!  I also knew that my favorite indie dyer was going to be there, Jon from EasyKnits, and he brought his hubby Roy!  I just adore hanging-out, harassing and occasionally actually buying yarn from Jon!  It was a lovely night and of course I didn’t take a single picture (I think that photography was pretty low on everybody’s agendas given the calls for pictures).  The yummies were yummy, the drinks were free and there was lots of luscious yarn there.  It was about as perfect of a night as a person could ask for!

Yesterday we had an engineer from Neff come to fix the microwave in the house.  It has been broken for nearly a year and we finally got someone who seemed to know how to fix the microwave.  It was a (drum roll please!) loose wire.  Yep.  No microwave for a year because of a loose wire.  Fabulous!  I think that our estate agent is starting to think that we are hard on appliances since we’ve also had the oven break in the past year too.  However, while the engineer was here, I found out that all of our appliances are about 10 years old.  That, given with the fact that I think that the guy that used to live here didn’t do a lot of cooking/clothes washing at home, makes it seem sort of reasonable that all the appliances have had some little stop work strikes.  First off they are not new and second off the new boss makes them work a lot more than the old one ever did!

I’ve been working on my application to graduate school.  I’m applying to go to Imperial College London but at their Ascot campus not the main one where Knit Nation was held.  I plan on doing a degree in Integrated Pest Management.  However, I needed to line-up my references first, which isn’t terribly easy from over 3000 miles away, even with e-mail.  Anyway, I am hoping for a scholarship from somewhere to help to pay for it as there is no way that we could ever possibly afford the nearly 20,000 pounds that non-EU folks are expected to pay.  So if anyone knows anyone with a spare 20,000 cluttering up their kitchen, send them my way:-)  (Yeah right, I know that y’all would send them right to yourselves, not to me!!!)

Otherwise, life since Estonia has been pretty quiet.  Last weekend we cleaned the bathrooms and went to Costco.  I know, we’re just so exciting.  The tree has been up since Thanksgiving weekend, as is traditional in my family.  (It was what we did on Black Friday rather than shop.)  The hubby hates putting up the tree, I love it, and the neighbors all think that we are absolutely bonkers for putting it up so early (the Brits do Christmas decorating a little later than we Yanks do).  Someday, when I am a rich and famous entomologist (y’all and get up off the floor and stop laughing now…) I am going to have 2 trees.  One normal tree, and one tree completely done with bird ornaments.  I really like bird ornaments and have a bunch, but I think that they are going to need their own tree soon…  (I can hear the hubby screaming all the way from the Netherlands [where he is for work] at this:-))


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