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So, I am still working on an application to grad school.  I’m not stressing about getting in but this application is also the application for scholarships from the university, which I am a bit stressy about.  It’s not the application itself that is all that difficult, rather the essay that is required for which there is absolutely no guidance given.  In fact, here is exactly what they say about it; “Please note we do not offer guidance on the length or content of a personal statement.”  Gah!  That’s no help!  Not even a length suggestion!  Well, ok, they do say that things ever 2MB will have to be broken-up into chunks, but if I make a typed document that is 2MB, well, I wouldn’t let me into the school!

Other than that, I’ve been trying to get the Christmas presents out.  Why is it that the rest of the year it feels like we have a ton of small and medium-sized boxes in the attic but when it comes to packaging stuff up to send out for Christmas suddenly there is a serious dearth?   So, just a heads-up to everyone who usually gets presents from us, they are probably gonna be late.  The reason that I say this with some authority is that “they” are now x-raying all the mail that gets sent overseas too.  Fun.  No more mailing alligator heads I guess.  Or are they x-raying stuff only going to the US?  If that’s the case, I can still mail all the gator heads I want!  (These are the preserved gator heads that they sell at every roadside stand in Florida. [actually, I’m not sure that this explanation helped me from sounding any more crazy] [By the way, they have their CITES certificates and are completely legal.  These are from gators that are raised for their meat and skins, not from wild gators {I’m still not really helping myself all that much now am I?}])

No fun pictures of pets or Christmas trees with this post.  In fact, I am a tad annoyed at the pets currently.  Malcolm kept barking at Milo and Milo got into the upstairs bathroom last night (I didn’t shut the door well enough) and made confetti out of a piece of paper on the carpet, that was clean.  That, and Weezy keeps trying to sit on my shoulder on the couch here.  See, Weezy likes to sleep on the back of the couch behind me.  The problem is that she views my shoulder as part of her domain and keeps pushing her butt out onto it.  She’s an 8 pound miniature dachshund, she doesn’t need the extra space!

Ok, so I lied!  Here is a picture of Weezy trying to sleep on my left shoulder and of the ever adorable Meara.


She's not even using all of HER space!

I can't help being this adorable...

Hope that you are having an application free day!!


2 thoughts on “The Never-Ending Application

  1. Olebrumm says:

    Your “kids” are just cute! But I guess they can be a pain in the a** sometimes. 🙂 Give them a scratch behind their ears from me.

    1. hortihoney says:

      At least Malcolm wasn’t trying to undress me:-)

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