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So I figured that I’d share with y’all the totally rocking day that is this Thursday for me.

What I’m up to:

+Packing travel knitting for The Netherlands.  (Spending a week+ with the designer seems like a good time to knit one of her patterns if-you-know-what-I-mean.)

+Filling-out a scholarship application. (I probably shouldn’t try to let more people know about this, but I’m just way too fair. [I also always tell people if they are under charging me at stores {over as well, but that’s another story}])

+Printing boarding passes for above trip.

+Wondering if I could get a sheep to hold still long enough to put some knitting on it and take an arty photo for the above scholarship.  All of the sheep in the field across the way are incredibly pregnant, thus probably aren’t moving too fast….*  Seriously people, this is what happens when you leave me alone too long.  I start harassing sheep.  The dogs are happy since at least I’m not harassing them which is the norm.

+Preparing to foray into the city tomorrow to hook-up with my favorite indie dyer and designer.  (Honestly folks, he’s not paying me very much for all of this attention. [seriously though, he doesn’t even bribe me all that much!]).  I have stuff for him, he has stuff for me.  It’s like a highly non-secret drug deal.  So which of us is Charlie Sheen in this scenario then?

+Getting pissy at iTunes seriously twisted view of an international world.  I got some iTunes gift cards from the Hubby’s Grandma for my birthday (all of mine are dead, thus it would be weird if they came from mine. [and iTunes cards from the afterlife will also probably not work with the UK iTunes!]) and they are from the US (she lives there, it makes sense).  I cannot use them on my UK iTunes account and will probably have to make another account in the US iTunes to be able to use them.  I’m sure that there is some logical reason for this (just like I’m sure that there is a logical reason why I cannot buy gift cards for family and friends in the US with my British issued card on-line, but could if I were in person.) but it sort of defeats the whole “the internet is everywhere”-ness of iTunes.

+Drinking insane amounts of Finnish Mountain Dew and probably giving myself an upset stomach and headache later (I don’t care right now as I’m totally buzzing from caffeine and sugar). Just for the record, I don’t think that there is anything different about Mountain Dew from Finland, I was just clarifying that this Mountain Dew was some that I had gotten while I was there.

+Doing laundry.  I know, not exciting or funny, but it is going on in the background much to the hubby’s relief (he was starting to wonder if his pants [trousers, for you dirty-minded Brits!] were going to revolt).





*I realize that chasing expectant ewes could induce premature labor.  I would never do that without the ewes permission.  Do not chase sheep unless you are a trained herding dog.

One thought on “Up to

  1. TechSuppory says:

    I am pretty sure they were revolting

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