Sarah Jane Humke

The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

9am Waiting for the movers to show-up.  They had warned me that they would be earlier today, like 8am.  Am not mad, just a tad annoyed as I could’ve slept-in had I known that they were going to be this late.

9:05am Movers roll-in.

9:15am Meara and I roll-out to do some errands.

10:30am Meara and I are back. The guys are hard at work it appears that they have already filled one of the big crates with goods.

11am The dogs and I are hanging in the bedroom which is the only room finished.  I am realizing just how un-soundproofed the walls of this house are.

12:15pm The sofa has been wrapped in bubblewrap. A few braincells popped with that one…

At least they didn’t put it in a box.

3 pm The moving gents have left for the day having filled two more of the big wooden crates with stuff.  Mal is thoroughly enjoying the amount of space that he now has to run about the house in!  Plus, all the dogs are on double (ok triple) treat rations as they have a lot of yummies left and I can’t take them with me:-)

4 pm Sat down to read a little.  I’m reading The Stand again.  Probably not the best thing to read before going on an airplane:-)


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