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6:30am Milo the insane cat wakes me up with scratching and meowing at the bedroom door.  She is definitely freaked out by this move.  Hopefully the movers will be able to clear the spare bedroom completely today so that I could open up the attic for her to go up into.  The attic is her favorite place in the world and where she feels safest.  And where I know she won’t be tempted to dart out the front door in a frenzy of fear.

9am Movers are here again.  I feel as though they will finish quite early today as they are whipping through what is left quite quickly.

10:30am Ventured out from the bedroom hole-up during the guys break.  The house feels unnaturally hollow and echo-y.  Malcolm luxuriated in being able to really stretch out and pranced about a bit to celebrate. I forget that he’s not ever seen the house empty.

11:30am Realized that one of the big problems with wrapping everything so thoroughly is that it is going to be wickedly difficult to tell what’s what at a glance and also how heavy it would be.  Also, how fragile it will be.  They are putting my massive clay pots into boxes.  Hmmm.

Noon  Now I get why people always talk about losing items during a move.  This is the first move that I’ve not packed for myself and already I am missing several things.  I’m sure it will only get worse.

12:45pm The movers are gone.  The fit the last of the items into their big truck and left.  The house seems very, very big suddenly.  Malcolm’s crate is gone, so he is a free range chicken for a while so to speak.


Tomorrow I am planning on heading into the city to see Jon of EasyKnits one more time and to kind of, I don’t know, say goodbye to London.





4 thoughts on “Adventures in Moving: Day 3

  1. tini says:

    oh boy. 3 days and everything is packed. I bet Cpt. Mal is really pumped up, now there is SPACE. I bet, he will love beeing outside at your parents, where there is SPACE!!!

  2. tini says:

    forgot: indulge in the deeply wicked colours and enjoy!

  3. ruth elliott says:

    i am sorry i missed seeing you when you were in england. I live in berkhamsted and would have loved to have met you and asked about your patchwork quilt of knitted squares – i want to knit a jumper (sweater) of little squares. I just logged on to you blog to read that you will probably be in london today, 15 september. bon voyage and good luck for the future. i’ll keep reading your blog – i love it. ruth

  4. Barbro says:

    Hugs to Jon! Do you have an extra container for the deeply wicked?

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