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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

This morning I took my mom to the airport for the start of her Nordic journey.  I hadn’t been to the Waterloo, IA airport in many years and was surprised at just how nice it was for a very little airport.  At the Delta counter (they seem to be the only airline that was serving the airport) there were plenty of ladies helping folks check-in on the machines and to check their baggage.  Mom had some issues with her booking since the different legs of it were made at different times but the women took care of it with a minimum of fuss and all was well.

And I didn’t hit any deer on the way back home in mom’s car (even though I saw lots!).

Today I was able to take the dogs (minus Meara, she didn’t want to go) across the road to the corn field where they were chopping yesterday for a good walk.  Mal didn’t do a full-on spaz, but he still wore himself out pretty well.

My friend Tini has started a podcast called Twinneedle which I totally suggest checking out.  It’s only on its first episode, but I have to say that the sound quality is much better than some podcasts that I’ve heard that are on their 100th episode.  Tini sounds great and I hope that she keeps it up!

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