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I’ve not given a lot of space here to my knitting and crocheting projects of late as other aspects of my life have taken-up a great deal of my time.  That doesn’t mean, however, that I’ve not been working on anything.  On the contrary, I worked on an afghan right up until the movers packed my yarns!  I decided to call it complete at that point and it ended-up making a splendid blanket for a twin-sized bed.

I made this scrapghan a little differently in that each yarn did 2 complete rows before being changed to the next color rather than stopping and starting wherever I felt like.  This blanket stayed in the UK.

I’m also (still) working on Althea by my lovely friend Marleen van der Vorst.  I’ve been working on this since before Knit Nation, but it has been mostly a project for when I am waiting for something or someone.  So all summer long is got lugged around in my purse getting a few rows knitted before being rudely shoved back into my bag.  Luckily this shawl is at a point where it is pretty easy to stop and start it as there is a huge section that has a very simple couple of rows repeat.

Yes, I took a picture on the dog with the flash. She didn't mind...

Now most of my yarn is somewhere in a container somewhere in the Universe (I don’t really know where all my stuff is at this moment) which means that my sock yarn blanket is on a necessary hiatus.  However, right before I packed-up The Old Chapel I decided to take part in a magic ball “swap” on Ravelry.  I made and mailed the magic ball that I made off right before the moving insanity really took hold.  I wish that I had taken photos of all the stuff that I put in it and what it looked like when done, but I forgot.  However the first full day that I was home I had a package delivered with my magic ball!  It was a lot of fun to unwrap and see all the yarns and goodies that my magic ball-er sent me!  This is how it came wrapped:

And inside the fabric was this:

There were 12 different kinds of yarn in it with oodles of fun goodies inside including a little notebook with repurposed gift cards for the covers, a beautiful handmade stitchmarker and a bar of shampoo.  It was a very nice thing to get to welcome me home.

Obviously, once the blanket reaches these shores the new yarns will be incorporated into it!

2 thoughts on “WIP’s and FO’s

  1. What a welcoming treat! Yarn, goodies, tea, and dark chocolate. Life’s basics.

  2. tini says:

    What a nice welcome! You could *cough cough* make stripey socks with the yarn and not wait until the blanket arrives 🙂 I’m going to send you a loooong email once the kids are in bed tonight…

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