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My friend Tini has a new podcast out!  Go listen!

This is another print that I would love to have.  Because, you know, someone living out of a storage unit (Mind you I didn’t say in a storage unit!  That’s a whole other level!) really needs another print to frame.  Still, a girl can dream someday of having an entire floor to use as a crafting zone (Thanks Martha for putting that idea in my head!)

We’ve already had a taste of snow around here which spurred me to get my winter car kit ready.  In addition to the normal safety items that you should have in your car already (ahem) such as jumper cables, bottles of water, a first aid kit, a gas can, a flashlight and the like if you are traveling in winter weather you should also have a little(ish) kit of items in the car with you.  Not in the trunk of your car (if you have one) as there is no guarantee that you will be able to get into your trunk when you need them!  In my kit I have 2 blankets, some more water (most of my water is kept in a gallon jug in the trunk), some snacks (I went with packets of cookies that expire in April rather than energy bars because I think I would prefer to eat cookies than energy bars any day!), a handful of candles and matches to light them, a spare hat, gloves and scarf.  I also bought a cheap bag of cat litter and threw it in the trunk for icy issues.  I was tempted to put in a book or knitting project as I know myself pretty well and I know that I would be most likely to do the stupid thing of trying to leave my car in sub-zero temps to look for someone else if I was seriously bored.    I didn’t as I usually have something of that ilk with me if I am on a long trip anyway, but it isn’t a bad idea to throw a trashy paperback in there too!  I also had a small baggie of dog food in mine as my dogs may be traveling with me.  Other things that I saw suggested but didn’t put in were a small shovel to clear your tailpipe of snow and a battery cell phone charger kit (I may still put that in mine)  One thing that I don’t have yet but I will as soon as I have a usable bank account is a AAA membership.  Very, very handy to have year-round.

I really like these light bulbs.  They are very sexy and could be used so many different ways!  I know that they aren’t cheap, but I hope that other light bulb manufacturers will take the hint and start making their products more interesting.

Ok hive mind!  I need help.  I’ve been cleaning the upstairs of the house out with my mother and have come across a lot of skirts, dresses and jackets that are beautiful vintage wool and have a few moth holes in them, usually in one specific area making them unwearable but there is still tons of fabric left that could be salvaged.  I need ideas.  Sewing isn’t my strong suit (and I don’t currently have a sewing machine unless I get one of grandma’s old singers running again) but I would be willing to try it.  Is wool good for quilting?  I could really use some suggestions for what to do with these items as I just can’t bear to throw them away!

This is a great site to get your yarny inspiration going!

I’m now going to jump into the fray about the whole one space or two spaces at the end of a sentence.  I use two for a very simple reason; it was the way that I was taught to type sentences and I see nothing wrong with it.  When I was in grade school the Ackley-Geneva school district looked ahead and actually saw the future was in computers so they made my entire class take typing.  We were the first class to be required to take it and it has actually served me in good stead all these years later even though I really sucked at it then and hated walking into that classroom full of typewriters.  However, the two spaces after a sentence makes practical sense to me as well.  When I hand write letters, I leave a greater space after a sentence than I do between the words in a sentence.  Personally I don’t understand why this has become such a hot-button issue of late.  Is there a world space shortage that I am unaware of?

Shepherd Susie sums-up something that I have thought for a while now more eloquently than I ever could.

Now, if y’all will excuse me, I have to go learn how to drive a semi-truck.  Pray I don’t get stuck in the field!


One thought on “Random Bits

  1. tini says:

    I’m not a quilter. I do have a quilt in the making and I hate it. Just as a disclaimer BUT: You can use wool for a quilt. I’d make the top purely out of wool then but alas I’m not a quilter.

    But you also could make HANDBAGS or project bags, skirts (if you have a dress), vests and so on out of the fabric. Have a look at 🙂 (coasters would be a great beginner project) and yes: get your grandma’s sewing machine running. Most likely it will be better quality than a new cheap one 🙂

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