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Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows that I am a fan of color.  Not subtle, “that’s the perfect shade of ecru” kind of color loving rather the balls-to-the-wall Mardi Gras parade of colors loving.  I am a color slut.  Here is my current WIP, a baby scrapghan.  (Note the lack of pastel predominance)

I had always thought that this was some odd genetic bit of randomness that I had acquired along with my unusual (at least in my family) ability to tan.  My folks like my scrapghans well enough but have never totally “gotten” them.  Then again, few do so it’s not that unusual that they look at me with a mild combination of confusion and indulgence when it comes to my party-in-a-blanket creations.

Yesterday mom and I were cleaning upstairs once again going through years and years worth of stuff when we came upon this and I immediately claimed it for myself.  It was most likely made by my grandmother sometime in the late(ish) 70’s.  And it so explains a lot for me.

It’s completely knitted garter stitch with a much larger assortment of yarns in the tassels on the ends than are in the blanket.  There are at least 3 shades of Caron Dazzleaire worked into it that I ever knew existed.  And it is bright.  Really bright.  Just check out the assortment of yarns in the tassels!


It’s lucky that this blanket was made fully in the synthetic 70’s as otherwise it would have been eaten to a pile of dust by moths (many, many beautiful things in the upstairs have fallen to those fraking pests!).  I claimed it from my mom because A.) who better than another knitter to know how to take care of a hand crafted blanket B.) she left it sitting in a plastic bag for 20+ years (at least) C.) I’ve only ever been given one blanket despite the many that I have given away (thanks Hookers!) and D.) I love it.  It is undeniable proof that I come by my raucous color use naturally.



One thought on “I Come by it Naturally

  1. Terri Pike says:

    Someone just showed me this:

    and I immediately thought you were responsible!! Doesn’t it look like your scrapghan?

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