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Little Miss Red (as I am calling my young nursing charge) has taken to getting out of her pen and running to me when I am on my way to her.  In fact, she is following me all the way back to the house when I leave!  To say that it is terribly cute to have a little knee-high red goat following you home would be a massive understatement.  She sort of skips along beside me wagging her little tail so hard that I am afraid that it might just wag right off!

Little Red in the Big World

However, once I am inside for a few minutes, she gets afraid and starts heeding her mama’s bellows (believe me, mama is BELLOWING at this point) and runs baaaaaaing back to her.  Actually, it’s uncanny how much it actually sounds like, “Maaaaa!!!” in little Red’s case.

Mama bellowing to Red GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!

She is utterly unafraid of any of the animals around her much to her mama’s consternation.  She only wants to find out if they have milk and if she can get some.

Some of the animals are naturally a little wigged-out by this.  Especially if they are boy animals (doesn’t really matter the species).

I call her “Little Red” but really that is a complete misnomer.  She is little in comparison to me or to the adult goats but she is by far and away the biggest baby despite being several days younger than the Christmas twins.

I can't get a picture of her with the other kids as she always comes running for me whenever I'm near. So here's a gratuitous bottle shot!

I am just waiting for the night or morning that I step out of the back porch to find her waiting for her meal!

4 thoughts on “I really shouldn’t think that this is so damn cute

  1. Colleen Ruschill Squires says:

    I happened upon your blog purely by accident. Imagine my surprise to find out I knew you when you were about Little Red’s size. My husband’s parents still live in Ackley, and we lived there for awhile. I worked with your mom at The Presbyterian Village, before it was a village. Please say hi to your Mom, tell her I’ve never forgotten the fun we had, and that we moved to Oregon last July for Don’s career. I don’t knit, yet, but have a niece who is crazy about knitting and wants to spin. Love looking at your yarns and reading of your adventures and travels. And, I love your perspective and sense of humor. Keep up the interesting posts. People ARE reading!

    1. hortihoney says:

      It’s great to hear from you from so far across the time and distance (the internet rocks!). I passed the message on to my mom and will send on your email as well. Though I’m not sure that I was EVER as little (or as leggy) as Little Red is:-)

      Give me a little time and I will have you knitting or crocheting yet! It’s a little contagious:-) I think that the most contagious aspect about it for me has been all the wonderful fiber art people I’ve met all over the world. Really, knitting and spinning has allowed me to meet so many people I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Plus, I’ve pushed myself to do some things that I wouldn’t have normally done all in the name of yarn! (I’m thinking about a lot of the stuff that I did in Estonia [heck, lets be honest here, GOING to Estonia falls into that category!])

      Anyway, I’m glad that you are reading and enjoying and I hope that you continue to do so.

  2. Between Little Red and that kitten (and the tolerant dog), things look pretty lively around there. The caucus? Come and gone, right?

    1. hortihoney says:

      Don’t forget that there are still 3 other dogs around here right now! Lively would be a bit of an understatement:-)

      I am so glad that the caucus is done with. I think that the phone has rung twice since Tuesday night.

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