Sarah Jane Humke

The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

Tonight was one of those nights.



One of those nights where you step deep into the icy puddle because you were too busy looking up at the sky. And you don’t care.

One of those nights where many droplets of warm milk replacer were sprayed around the feedlot (much to the joy of the barn cats) because your eyes were pointed heavens ward not downward at your hungry charge.

One of those nights where the glow of the moon makes everything silvery and slightly ethereal and casts shadows.  The barnyard, the dead weeds fluttering in the breeze, the cats slinking about, the goats in their pen, even the farm equipment parked for the season are all slightly magical.

One of those nights where even the animals seem awed by the beauty of the dark.

One of those nights that, when you see the lights of a plane flashing overhead, you feel sorry for the people missing this wondrous evening.

One of those nights that, despite the promise of a hot shower and a warm bed inside, you stay outside a few minutes longer.

One of those nights that you are happy to be alive.



I hope that you are having one of those nights.

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