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Early yesterday the sun disappeared, the temperatures started to drop and the wind picked-up considerably.  About the time that it got dark, it also started snowing.  We didn’t get a lot of snow, but what fell has been blowing around all day.  It’s reasonably cold out (it was around 8 degrees Fahrenheit [-13 Celsius] when I fed Red this morning) so the snow isn’t sticking to itself at all.  It just gets blown around again and again, usually down the back of my coat for some reason!  (Suppose I should put on a scarf! I am a knitter after all!)

This is not snow falling. This is snow failing to stay put!

Because it is so cold and windy outside, it is a tad more brisk than it normally is inside.  This is an old (by American standards) house and it is reasonably good about staying warm, but no house is perfect especially when facing a full-on Arctic attack from the North-West.

Thus, it’s time to do laundry!  The washer and dryer in this house are in the kitchen (it’s a pretty big kitchen [it was designed to be able to fit a bunch of LARGE hungry men in from the fields for lunch]) and the kitchen is right below my room.  Are you seeing a pattern here? 🙂  Since the dryer is downstairs and heat rises… well, let’s just say that clean clothes aren’t the only benefit that I get from this today!


One thought on “A good day for laundry

  1. hortihoney says:

    Oh damn! It just started snowing again!

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