Sarah Jane Humke

The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

Tonight I finally met the farm’s resident skunk.  Before you all start sending sympathy emails and comments, let me assure you no bodily fluids were exchanged.  He went one way and I went the other…quickly.  I had also just let all the dogs out and Red was heading towards me with her early evening feeding like a tomahawk cruise missile locked-in on a convoy of tanks.  To say that there was a mad scramble to get everyone back in the house before they noticed the little black and white Mephitis mephitis would be a massive understatement.  That Malcolm didn’t see our malodorous visitor is something of a small miracle as he was right beside me when I spotted it and he probably has better eyes than I do.

Everyone safely back in the house, I led Red back out to the feed lot (she had followed me all the way into the house looking for her dinner) checking carefully for monsieur Pepe Le Pew.  He had decided to return to his quarters and we were able to finish dinner without the addition of a putrid perfume.

I hope we remain strangers.

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