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These are some of the Terms of Endearment that I call Red as I am feeding her.  This is an incomplete list.  No, I will not post audio of me signing the  showtune-esqe songs that go along with many of these names.


Right said Red

Rubicon Ruminant*

Red Head

Ruby Rustler

The Hunt for Red October (usually reserved for when I can’t find her right away)



Ready Red

Raptor Red

Red Star

Lady in Red

Red Delicious**

Red Meat***

Red Rover

Red Herring

Lobster baby (Get it? Red Lobster!)

Well Fed Red

Righteous Red

Little Red Riding Goat

The Grateful Red

Red Tide

Little Miss Well Red


*This was the point at which I thought that I might have a tad too much education to be out feeding a baby goat at 4 in the morning.

**Which is a little wrong if you think about the fact that she is a meat goat!

*** Even worse, but only saved for when she’s headbutted me in the kneecap!

4 thoughts on “Terms of Endearment

  1. hortihoney says:

    Baby Red Bull
    Stuck in the Muck (she is now getting stuck trying to get out of the fence)

  2. hortihoney says:

    My little Communist

  3. hortihoney says:

    Big Red
    My little Valentine
    Lucy (get it? She’s a red head too?!)

  4. hortihoney says:

    My little International Harvester

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