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I’ve not written a lot about my knitting and crocheting lately for a couple of reasons.  First is that a lot of my crafting lately has been for others, others who sometimes read the blog.  It’s not like they aren’t already pretty sure what they are getting already (cough… baby blankets) but still, I like to at least pretend that there is a little suspense in it otherwise why would I even bother wrapping them?  Oh, wait, often I don’t wrap them…  Hmmm…  Anyway, I am finally working on something that I know the recipient doesn’t read this at all.  Yes, this is the beginning of Christmas knitting!

I’m knitting a pair of plain socks with 72 stitches cast-on in Regia City Color sock yarn.  Details are here in Ravelry.

I have a sweater that has been sidelined for the moment due to gauge issues.  That and I’m a little bit too chicken to continue.  The yarn is really nice and the sweater isn’t for me so I’m kinda doubly afraid of messing it up.  Oddly, I don’t usually ever have this issue with high-end lace yarns, but then gauge isn’t as important when making a shawl (usually) as when making a sweater.  Any suggestions about how to get over this fear and just get on with it would be greatly appreciated!  Especially since the sweater is deadline knitting with a date that is fast approaching!

However, the sock is my easy to transport knitting for the moment.  I worked on dishcloths all summer long as I just couldn’t bear to even think about wool too hard let along touch it in daily temps of over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  With an un-air-conditioned car.  Working in greenhouses.  Yeah, it was a sweaty summer for me!  Anyway, handling wool when it’s that hot on a regular basis just wasn’t happening much this summer.  I guess that a little work got done on the sock yarn blanket while in my A/C’ed apartment, but not much else.

I’d forgotten how fast socks can go!  It’s really remarkable how much I’ve gotten done in a short amount of time.  I may become a sock knitter yet! (May the knitting Gods help us all!!!)

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