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One of the many things that has been keeping me busy in the past few weeks is the sudden deluge of tomatoes that we’ve had on the farm.  So far, I’ve canned about 25 pints of pasta sauce and 14 pints of salsa.  I also canned about a dozen pints of green beans, but those weren’t from our garden.

Things I have learned about canning:

-You are gonna get burnt, just deal with it.

-You are going to make a big fat mess.

-It’s really fraking hot.

-It’s good to have a really nice roommate when doing it (Thanks Des!).

The majority of the tomatoes that I planted this spring were Roma or Roma-type tomatoes.  Is that what we’ve mainly gotten thus far?  Probably if you looked at it from a pounds standpoint, but as the designated tomato picker in the house, it seems like all I’ve picked for the last 2 months are little cherry type tomatoes.  It’s all been about the little yellow pear ones or the longish little red ones or the proper little cherry tomatoes.  It is a pain to cut-up 6 pounds of little tomatoes to make into salsa (though it is tasty!).

Anyway, this is a selection of what I picked today.  There are still TONS of green tomatoes on the Roma plants which is kinda starting to scare me a little bit.  I think that they are all waiting for me to turn my back on them and then ripen all at the same time.  I think even my wonderful roommate might be a put-out if I came back to Ames with 2 or 3 bushels of tomatoes!

These are the “ripe and ready” group from today.

These are the “not quite ripe but ripe enough to pick as the grasshoppers will eat them by next week” group.

And this is the “little guys and peppers” selection.  After my whingeing, it seems like a really small number but I assure you, there are usually a lot more!

Happy Bruchetta-ing to you too!

3 thoughts on “The Tomatoes are Running!

  1. tini says:

    yummy. Have you tried drying them in the oven? Maybe it’s less of a mess and a food processor should help with the cutting …

    1. hortihoney says:

      Actually, have a food dehydrator. It’s great except that it makes the house HOT! I am looking into ways of putting it out in the porch so that it at least isn’t heating up the inside.

      The messiest part of the tomato processing was the prepping them for cooking. You have to take all the seeds and that goop out of the middles of them and that snotty stuff tends to want to get EVERYWHERE. I think I might be done with canning, at least for a little while… We’ll see if I get another mass of tomatoes ripening at the same time again.:-)

  2. tini says:

    I have a great recipe for homemade ketchup somewhere, where you leave everything in the tomatoes…..
    (it’s a raspberry-tomatoe ketchup and really yummy!)

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